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Barbie Dolls live in plastic houses. Webkins; in a virtual world. Breyer Horses, however, command historic real estate.

Stunning, lifelike, pieces of history. Streamside Farm has created one of a kind toy barns for kids who LOVE their Breyer horses. Each barn is individually hand crafted from wood gathered from historic barns around Michigan. Some of these barns were close to 150 years old, offering cork pine wood that is perfect for the creation of these miniature barns. True to history, we currently offer two time tested styles of barn; the Gambrel and the Monitor. Carefully crafted, our finished barns are never painted or stained, so you can be assured your finished barn is all natural and free from any harmful chemicals.

For an even more personalized creation, we will craft a barn made from your own wood! Have a favorite barn from which you’d like to salvage a piece of history? Want to remember the family farm for years to come? Email us to discuss how we can craft the mini horse barn of your dreams, from wood that you cherish!

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Monitor Barn Gambrel Barn

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